Nr. 2012.EEZ/PP/1/MAC/072

Project goal:
to reduce severity of disability of children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and autistic spectrum disorders by complex intervention that is focused on use of IT technologies and sensor integration that facilitates child’s communication and mental development to ensure his/her participation at school.
Participants: 20 children – boys and girls with CP and autism in Latvia
20 children with CP in Iceland.
Indirect participants- 500 children with disabilities in Latvia.
Project activities will take place in Society Rehabilitation center “Mes esam lidzas”, in CP society of Iceland, for indirect participants- in all regions of Latvia.
Main activities to achieve these goals will be:
1.    Project management, supervision, publicity,
2.    Assessment of children, involvement in functional therapy program,
3.    Development of IT program,  it’s approbation in Latvia and in Iceland,
4.    Development of sensor integration unit,
5.    Adaptation of the facility (2 Ledmanes str., Riga).
6.    Education of the specialists and parents from all regions of Latvia.
Planned results:
1.    Children will be prepared for participation at school,
2.    An innovative IT program will be available in Latvian, Icelandic languages,
3.    An International conference on childhood disabilities will be organized,
4.    A lift chair will be installed, 40 m2 of premises will be renovated.
Partners: society CP Iceland, Solveig Sigurdardottir, Department of Welfare of Riga Municipality